Peregrine Team

Peregrine Energy has assembled an excellent team to ensure the most efficient design, reliable operation, and competitive cost for developing biomass-fired generation facilities, electric boilers and other utility infrastructure projects.

Peregrine Energy’s management team has spent the last twenty-five years in the independent power industry.  They have owned and operated hydro-electric plants, coal-fired cogeneration facilities, gas-fired boilers, industrial chillers, air compressors and many other industrial utility infrastructure assets.  They have successfully negotiated over twenty-three power purchase agreements having sold electricity to many of the southeast investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives and electric municipalities.  Management’s experience also involves direct testimony before the South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia public utilities commissions.
Peregrine Energy has entered into an exclusive development arrangement with a nationally recognized engineering firm to provide design, engineering and construction management disciplines.  This company has a wealth of experience in designing and constructing all types of steam and power generating facilities.  They have worked extensively in the design and installation of solid fuel boilers and have extensive experience with biomass-fired boilers and material handling systems. 

Peregrine Energy has also entered into a teaming agreement with an industry leader in the construction field.  This company has over sixty years experience as a heavy industrial contractor with vast self-perform capabilities.  They have worked with numerous field erected solid fuel boilers and turbine generator units.  They also have the financial strength to offer lump sum turn-key contracts along with the necessary financial back-stops frequently required for project financing structures.
Peregrine Energy’s management team has the experience to provide all the other technical disciplines required for a successful project.  They have worked extensively on both corporate finance structures and project finance structures.  They have self-performed the licensing of projects with FERC and permitted major PSD projects largely using in-house expertise.  They have also been involved trading NOx allowances as well as setting up emission reduction banks in various states to trade emission reduction credits.  Through direct hands-on involvement in the operation of large utility scale coal-fired power plants as well as smaller industrial cogeneration facilities, they know what it takes as well as what it costs to properly operate various types of energy facilities, i.e., coal-fired power plants, cogeneration facilities, gas-fired boilers, electric boilers, etc.  The bottom line is that Peregrine Energy’s management team and its technical partners have worked together almost exclusively for over ten years and they have successfully executed over twenty-six energy and renewable energy-related projects.