Peregrine Energy’s “Total Solutions™” approach assumes complete responsibility for developing a successful project. This involves Peregrine Energy providing up-front economic analysis, detailed cost estimating, project management services, outsourcing structures and financing options for industrial and institutional infrastructure projects, and independent power projects.

Perhaps the truly unique thing about Peregrine Energy’s approach is its ability to understand the economics and value-added proposition of a particular project from the client’s perspective.  Peregrine Energy not only understands the economics of an industrial project, but also works to understand how this affects the other aspects of its client’s business.  This explains why Peregrine Energy frequently works directly with the client’s ultimate decision maker when developing a project.  This philosophy carries over to the various suppliers, vendors and all of Peregrine Energy’s development team members.  Peregrine Energy’s development efforts in the renewable energy field (biomass-fired generating facilities) focus on understanding both the needs of, as well as the value proposition it can provide to the electric utility which serves as the off-take customer for the facility’s electrical output.  This business culture is evidenced by the fact that Peregrine Energy’s clients say they experience a sense of partnering when developing a project with Peregrine Energy.