A majority of states have adopted regulations that establish a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard ("REPS" or "RPS") that requires electric utility companies to, among other things, provide electricity produced from certified renewable energy facilities. When a megawatt hour ("MWH") of electricity is generated from a qualifying renewable energy facility, an instrument referred to as a renewable energy certificate ("REC") is created. These RECs are then used to meet the requirements, which are usually stated as some percentage of the electric utility's total energy portfolio

 Having developed many different types of energy-related projects, Peregrine Energy understands the full gamete of disciplines required to deliver a successful biomass-fired generating facility.  Through many years of working with consultants, engineering firms, contractors, specialty technical firms and vendors, Peregrine Energy has assembled one of the most professional and experienced teams in the industry.  Peregrine Energy starts by identifying all the needed skill sets required to successfully deliver a project and then assigns its team members to manage their particular area of expertise.  Peregrine Energy directs and coordinates all activities of its team members and takes the lead in certain areas where it possesses the expertise, i.e., overall management of the development effort, electric utility negotiations, project capital requirements, federal, state and county incentive programs, project risk mitigation and economic analysis.
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