Site Selection

Peregrine Energy developed its site criteria taking into account all the attributes required to operate a 50 MW biomass-fired generating facility. These criteria include adequate wood supply and competitive pricing, transmission line access, emission restrictions (attainment area), adequate acreage, water supply, wastewater discharge and truck traffic flow and adequate road infrastructure for wood delivery. 

Peregrine Energy is working with several wood supply companies that are recognized for their expertise in wood collection and processing for the pulp and paper industry. They understand the necessity of ensuring a reliable continuous wood supply. Peregrine Energy has relied on its wood supply team members to analyze wood availability and the wood cost for various proposed facility locations. Peregrine Energy 's wood supply analysis includes the following: estimating the availability and volume of wood within a defined area, determining the growth-to-cut ratios, performing a species analysis to identify the energy content, i.e., moisture content, density, etc., identifying surrounding wood consuming competitors, determining the number and availability of producers needed to harvest the facility's requirements, estimating the haul rates and surveying harvesting cost and stumpage values. An acceptable site location would have a sustainable supply of wood within a fifty to sixty mile radius.