Electric Boilers

Peregrine Energy is much more than an equipment representative.  They approach each project from an owner’s perspective.  As a true business partner, Peregrine Energy analyzes the project economics, develops a project implementation plan and delivers a lump sum, turn-key installed electric boiler.

The sales process starts by gathering data on the client’s steam usage and how the existing gas-fired boilers are supplying this requirement.  Peregrine Energy works directly with the electric power supplier to determine their ability to serve this new load as well as how electric service will be delivered.  A detailed construction plan including civil, mechanical and electrical is developed along with project drawings.  The electric power supplier’s rate tariff structures are reviewed and their applicability confirmed.  Existing gas delivery contracts are also reviewed and gas futures pricing strips are analyzed in an attempt to predict the cost of producing electric steam versus gas-fired steam.  With all this information in hand, Peregrine Energy is able to perform a detailed economic analysis of how the electric boiler will impact the client’s energy cost. 

Once a project has been given a green light, Peregrine Energy acts as a hands-on project manager performing every task from obtaining the necessary permits to the coordination of all engineering and construction activities.  Peregrine Energy also coordinates and performs all operator training as well as start-up activities.  The ability to generate steam with electricity and natural gas or fuel oil is a valuable fuel-switching capability.  This is another example of how Peregrine Energy helps reduce energy cost at its client’s operations.

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