First Step

Peregrine Energy will first complete a feasibility assessment to determine if an electric boiler is right for you. They will gather information from you such as natural gas usage history, your natural gas pricing, how you use your steam (pressures, temperatures, cycles, etc) and your current steam configuration. They will visit your site to determine the best location and placement for your electric boiler, considering such things as height requirements, services requirements and proximity to electrical service and steam-header tie-ins.

Peregrine Energy’s feasibility assessment will include a savings analysis which will compare your current cost to produce steam with natural gas versus what it will cost if you produce with a new electric boiler. The analysis takes into account variables such as peak steam demand, natural gas prices, electric rates and boiler efficiencies. The savings analysis will calculate your annual savings resulting from installation of the new electric boiler and calculate an investment payback.

Peregrine Energy works with you throughout the process, letting your verify all of their inputs and information. They can even run a sensitivity analysis for you, changing all of the various project variables.

Should you like the proposal, Peregrine Energy will then proceed with producing a more in-depth, technical project proposal and lump sum price for you to review.