Outsourcing Benefits

Reasons for outsourcing all or part of your utility infrastructure usually include:

  • Lower cost
  • Third-party capital investment
  • Transfer of construction phase risk
  • Improved operations
  • Ability to focus on core operations

Peregrine Energy offers several options for structuring a transaction, depending on your “comfort zone” as to expertise in any one area and how Peregrine Energy may add value. In all cases, you determine your company’s degree of involvement and the amount of control you need to retain.  Listed below are some of the factors to consider to help determine the structure that best suits your own outsourcing situation:

  • Who will operate the assets?
  • Who will be responsible for maintenance?
  • Are the assets centrally located or distributed throughout the plant?
  • How will utility operations be coordinated with process demands?
  • What level of redundancy is required?
  • How critical is supply to process?
  • What level of involvement is required during the design/build phase?
  • How automated are operations?
  • Are there shared responsibilities between utilities and process?
  • What degree of specialty training is required?
  • What labor issues are involved?
  • Are there benefits in focusing on core business opportunities?
  • What accountability is there for utility reliability and quality?
  • What unwind provisions are needed?