Biomass-fired energy production is defined as burning plant or animal matter to yield heat, which then can be utilized to drive electric generators or engines. Peregrine Energy is developing biomass-fired generation facilities that burn wood, i.e., pre-commercial tree thinnings and waste logging residues (treetops and limbs) that are harvested as part of a forest management plan.

The Opportunity

Peregrine Energy has developed a comprehensive plan for designing, constructing and operating multiple biomass-fired generation facilities. Recent legislation signed into law at various state levels has created an immediate opportunity for the development of renewable energy and in particular, biomass-fired generation facilities.

Peregrine Energy Experience

Peregrine Energy's management team has spent the last twenty-five years in the independent and renewable power industry. Peregrine Energy has financed, owned and operated hydroelectric plants, coal-fired cogeneration facilities, gas-fired boiler facilities and electric boilers. A biomass-fired facility design and its operations are very similar to the coal-fired plants Peregrine Energy has owned and operated in the past. Peregrine Energy has negotiated over twenty-three power purchase agreements through the years with investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, and municipal power companies. Peregrine Energy understands the risk-adverse nature of the electric utility industry and believes it can work closely with these companies to meet their renewable energy objectives.

Peregrine Energy Team Uniquely Qualified

Peregrine Energy has assembled an excellent team to ensure the most efficient design, reliable operation, and competitive cost for developing biomass-fired generation facilities. Peregrine Energy's team has significant experience in designing and installing solid fuel boilers that burn high moisture, green wood and other woody biomass material and possesses a wealth of knowledge in designing material handling systems that carry materials such as wood chips and shredded bark. We understand air quality requirements and can draw on a full biomass plantarray of emission control technologies. Peregrine Energy's team also has over sixty years experience with vast self-performing capabilities. Their significant experience includes constructing and working on field-erected solid fuel boilers and turbine generator units and working at numerous power plants as an approved alliance partner performing construction and maintenance services for several of the region's largest electric utilities.

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