Why It Works

   Electric Utility     Natural Gas 
 Rate Cost 
 (per kwh)  (per dt)
 2.4¢  $4.92
 2.6¢  $5.33
 2.8¢  $5.74
 3.0¢  $6.15
 3.2¢  $6.56
 3.4¢  $6.97
 3.6¢   $7.38 
 3.8¢  $7.79
 4.0¢  $8.20
 4.2¢  $8.61
 4.4¢  $9.02
 4.6¢  $9.43
 4.8¢  $9.84
 5.0¢  $10.26

The table shows how an electric boiler’s electric rate (kwh) would convert to an equivalent natural gas boiler’s gas rate (DT) when producing the same amount of steam. This table takes into account the efficiency differences between electric boilers and natural gas-fired boilers. For more on boiler efficiencies, please refer to Boiler Thermal Efficiency Comparison.

Most electric utility providers offer off-peak rates that are fixed, predictable and very low cost. For instance, some utilities’ off-peak period represents as much as 78% of the time during a year @ 2.35¢/kwh or the equivalent of $4.82/dt delivered. Translation - 78% of the year you could run your electric boiler at a fixed electric cost equivalent of $4.82/dt! And an energy budget based on off-peak electricity is very predictable. For a historical comparison of electric rates and natural gas prices, see Energy Cost Comparison.