Utility Infrastructure

Manufacturing in the United States changed as companies became more specialized, processes became more sophisticated, distribution channels improved, and global competition forced significant budget cuts.  Companies responded by searching for innovative ways to stay competitive and more importantly, stay in business. 

Companies realized that they could no longer afford to be vertically integrated throughout their manufacturing process.  They needed to choose which of the various disciplines of their manufacturing process were part of their core business competency and which could be better performed by third parties.  Many companies looked to their utility infrastructure consisting of their steam boilers, chilled water machines, compressed air machines, electric distribution systems, process water plants and air pollution control equipment as an area that supported their manufacturing needs but was not a core competency of their business.

Peregrine Energy recognized this trend and developed a utility infrastructure offering to implement projects that are required for maintenance of business or have attractive paybacks.  Peregrine Energy’s offering includes identifying and prioritizing these projects, providing the needed capital to implement the projects and accepting the turn-key responsibility of delivering these projects along with energy consulting to maximize the operating efficiency.  The following is a sample of the type of projects with which Peregrine Energy has assisted clients:

  • Environmental Compliance
  • Energy Optimization
  • Plant Utilities
  • Plant Productivity

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